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Each of the seven Houses first introduced in Call of the Archons gain new allies and tools in the Age of Ascension—and some of the most lively characters and deafening machines are found in the renewed ranks of House Brobnar. Hailing from snow-capped mountains inaccessible to all but the hardiest creatures of the Crucible, this House is known for their love of a good fight and anything that creates noise and destruction. he world of the Crucible is vast—what will you uncover in your journeys? Are you ready to seek the knowledge of a new age? Let your curiosity lead you to new discoveries and step into the Age of Ascension! Each starter set includes: 2 unique keyforge Archon decks, 6 Key Tokens, 2 Chain Tracker Cards & Tokens, 24 Damage Tokens, 26 Aember Tokens, and 44 Power and Stun Tokens!

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